EGS uses 2 and 3 dimensionnal graphics softwares to represent well data, geologic structures, and temperature distribution models. These models give an overview easier to understand and that can quickly be updated with new data. It is also a useful tool to developpe your communication mediums to a non-technical attendance to your meetings.

Programs currently used by our specialists include:

- ESRI ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap, ArcScene, ArcGlobe)

- Rockworks 15 by Rockware

- Xtool Pro, Google Earth, Surfer 8, Adobe Creative Suite


Based on the information collected during the data review and the exploration phase in the project area, EGS, Inc. will establish a conceptual model of the resource including a detailed evaluation of the elements constituing the geothermal resource and a first assessment of the potential resource characteristics.


EGS specialists will to build the most appropriate development scenario for your geothermal project to warranty the best production from the reservoir in pair with an extended lifetime of the resource.

A generic development timeline can be generated for the geothermal project, including possible additionnal work recommended before the drilling of discovery, confirmation and production/injection wells





The economic feasability of power generation project depends on several characteristics of the resource: temperature, chemistry, site controls, technology selection and plant sizing.

For example, In the case of unsufficient temperature, applying binary technologies to generate electricity from lower resource temperatures is technically feasible but economic rentability is unsure.